Tire Registration

Tire registration is necessary for the manufacturer to contact you in the event of a recall. Federal law requires tire purchasers to be provided with a pre-addressed TIN registration form by the tire dealer. Dealers may elect to register tires on behalf of the purchaser and are required to inform the customer that electronic registration has been completed, in writing. Typically this is done on your invoice. Confirm with your dealer at the time of sale that your tires have been registered. If your tires were not registered with the dealer, you may register them here using the form below.

Where do i find the TIN number?

The TIN or Tire Identification Number can be found on the sidewall of your tire near the rim. This number is prefixed with the letters DOT for ‚ÄúDepartment of Transportation‚ÄĚ followed by a series of letters and numbers that identify the location of the factory, tire type and date of manufacture. An example is provided below. Tires sold in the United States are required to have the complete TIN number recorded on one of the tire sidewalls. If you cannot find the DOT number, see your dealer.

DOT Registration